Case Studies

Network West Midlands

Case Study

Network West Midlands

Through implementing comprehensive eCommerce tracking, we gave Network West Midlands a strategic insight in to how best to use their marketing budget for the best possible ROI.

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The Client

Network West Midlands is the name that connects all public transport in the West Midlands. Keen to get their website marketing into the dominant position where it belongs, tracking the key actions of users on their website is vital to understanding how users interact with their website and develop a robust marketing strategy.


The Challenge

Without accurate tracking information, Network West Midlands were reliant on Google Ads conversion tracking in order to gauge the success of their Google campaigns. However, issues with the conversion tracking meant that conversions were being tracked incorrectly on the website. Network West Midlands asked Global Search Marketing to analyse their tracking set up and provide more accurate tracking data and to work with Network West Midlands development team to set up eCommerce tracking on the website.

Our Strategy

As Network West Midlands had already set up Google Tag Manager on their website, it made sense to utilise this to install eCommerce tracking as well. Google Tag Manager is an extremely flexible tool when it comes to tracking. While some coding changes can be required in order to pull some information from the website, most can be done without accessing the website code. Adding the eCommerce tracking in this way had the added benefit of allowing these revenue figures to be used in other tracking as well, including Google Ads Conversion Tracking, Bing and others. Working closely with Network West Midlands’ website developers, we were able to get the necessary information added to the data layer in Google Tag Manager. With this in place, we set up eCommerce tracking.

The Results

Our eCommerce tracking solutions gave Network West Midlands the valuable audience insights they needed to develop a successful digital marketing strategy.

Correct tracking on a website is vital to understanding the actions of potential clients and ensuring the best return on investment from advertising. By working closely with our clients like Network West Midlands, we strive to ensure that the information we’re acting on and reporting to the client is accurate.

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